Refreshing this site

Tue 29 March 2016 by Döring, Nils

At long last

The necessary update for my website is complete now. My Wordpress generated site is replaced by this Pelican generated site. Since I am using a virtual server, the Wordpress installation was annoyingly slow and took ages to load even the sites, that are not changing. This site however multiple times smaller and largely faster. From the roughly 150 KB of data needed for the old site, only 60 KB are remaining. Also only eight of fourteen requests remain. This should boost the load speed noticeably.

Next in line

The next improvement will be the SSL certificate. At the moment I am using a self-signed one. I am currently rethinking the idea to get one from since this can mean to install a lot of software on my system. Additionally this would require to exchange the certificate every three months instead of every year with certificates from other certification authorities.

SSL certificates: self-signed vs. CA

Wed 23 December 2015 by Döring, Nils

Every now and then I decide to create a website. Since I like my visitors to have their privacy protected, using SSL encryption seems the right way. Activating SSL is no hassle. And creating the necessary certificate is non, either. Within minutes one could create a fully encrypted, save and …

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